The Tower Theatre Company is the most active amateur dramatic theatre company in Central London.  We pride ourselves in being non-professional theatre rather than amdram.The Tower Theatre Company is the most active amateur dramatic theatre company in Central London.

Many apologies that some of the pages on our web site were recently displaying out-of-date information. This was due to a technical fault at our internet suppliers - the problem has now been resolved, so we hope that we are now back to normal.

On this week :


by Brandon Thomas

Theatro Technis

Tuesday 26th - Saturday 30th April

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by Jez Butterworth

Theatro Technis

Tuesday 10th - Saturday 14th May


After the success of our production of Baba Shakespeare, we're delighted to announce that the Tower Theatre Company has again been selected by the Royal Shakespeare Company; this time it's to play the mechanicals in performances of A Midsummer Night's Dream at London's Barbican Theatre in May and at the RSC Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon in July.

Well done to David Taylor and the Tower team.

The Tower's successful team : Peta Barker, Tom Tillery, Adam Moulder, Al Freeman, John Chapman, Maria Waters and David Taylor

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Picture of the month


The Return of the Marionettes

The Return of the Marionettes
A large team assembled for the first read and sing through of the Tower's summer musical. Rehearsals are now under way and the show will be seen in June at the Bridewell Theatre in London and in August at the Minack Theatre in Cornwall.

The Tower Theatre Company has been entertaining audiences for over 80 years. All our actors, directors and technical crew get involved for the sheer love of it. The only full-time, non-professional company in central London, the Tower stages up to 18 productions a year. It also tours from time to time, both in the UK and further afield.

The Tower produces shows that compete with the best of the professional London fringe. We stage productions from Beckett to Butterworth, Shakespeare to Sondheim. We seek to tackle new theatrical territory as well as to recreate stage classics, but most of all we aim to inspire audiences with our unique combination of creativity, passion and collaboration.

The Tower Theatre's Artistic Policy : "We aim to provide the widest possible range of high quality, affordable drama, within the resources available, enabling people of all ages and backgrounds to experience every aspect of theatre as a participant or as an audience member."

From a recent audience member ...
"Why bother to go to the London theatre at all? There is often better drama on television, and much of the usual West End fare is a disappointment, with gaudy vacuity in the popular offerings, and ponderous, creaking, pretentious scripts in the self-consciously serious new drama. Even worse, it is hard to find a parking place or a drink of any sort during the interval.

I got my answer tonight, in a small theatre where I was a few yards from the actors, the highly accomplished Tower Theatre Company ...."