by George Orwell, adapted by Matthew Dunster

Directed by Angharad Ormond

Evenings at 7.30
Wednesday 28th February - Saturday 3rd March and
Tuesday 6th - Saturday 10th March
Matinées at 3.00
Saturday 3rd and
Saturday 10th March

The Tower Theatre performing at Theatro Technis, Camden

War is peace.   Freedom is slavery.   Ignorance is strength.

April 1984. Under constant surveillance and the watchful eye of Big Brother, Winston Smith rewrites history for The Ministry of Truth. Individuality and free thought are prohibited but Winston privately rebels against the regime and starts a secret love affair with a dark-haired girl. Can they bring down the party and can love ever conquer?

Big Brother is watching you.

This is an immersive production.
Contains scenes some viewers may find distressing.

Cast List

Winston : Paul Graves
Julia : Chloe Ledger
O'Brien : Martin South
Ensemble : Amy Andrews, Annemarie Fearnley, Kevin Furness, Jon Gilmartin, Nick Hall, Jess Hammett, James Keene, Ed Malcomson, Ciara Robley, Janet South, Ellie Ward, Hannah West, Samantha Wright


Production Team

Director : Angharad Ormond
Set Design : Michael Bettell
Costume Design : Sam Jones
Lighting Design : Rob Irvine
Sound Designer : Colin Guthrie
Choreographer : Ruth Sullivan
Video and Projection Design : Leon Chambers
Graphic Design : Max Batty
Stage Managers : Roanne Insley, Kathryn Nash
Puppet Consultant : Isaac Insley
Assistant Director : Brenda Naso