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Online booking is always the cheapest way to buy tickets - there are no credit card charges if you book this way.

Online booking is available until 5 p.m. on the day of the performance.
After that, you can book by phone until 6 p.m.
(Bookings for Saturday/Sunday performances close at these times on the preceding Friday).

You can of course pay at the door right up to the performance time, but the ticket price will then be higher. At Theatro Technis and the Bridewell Theatre you can pay by cash or cheque. For productions Upstairs at the Gatehouse, credit cards are also accepted for tickets bought at the door, but will incur a 50p per ticket charge.

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Booking conditions

There is no charge for credit cards if you book online. Phone bookings incur a 30p per ticket card charge. We regret that we cannot accept credit cards for tickets bought at the theatre : cash or cheque only
Once your credit card payment is processed, your tickets are non-refundable.
Purchase of tickets will guarantee you a seat, but the seating is unallocated so specific seats are not pre-reserved.
If you are a wheelchair user or have mobility difficulties, please contact the box office at least at least 2 days before the show so that we can make appropriate arrangements. The theatres are only licensed for a specific number of wheelchairs, so it is essential that you book a place in advance.

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