Tower Theatre Company Membership

Tower Theatre Company Members can audition for all our shows (up to 18 productions a year!) and vote at our Annual General Meeting ... all for the bargain price of £50 a year!

To become an Acting Member you must join as a Friend of the Tower Theatre first.
Company Membership costs £50 and Friends' Membership costs £15 - but when accepted for Company Membership you'll only pay the £35 difference
You'll then be invited to come to a general Company Audition where you'll be asked to perform two contrasting monologues for our audition panel. Company auditions are held once a month. For more details contact Peter Westbury (Auditions Co-ordinator).

To Direct a show with the Tower ...
  • For current or experienced Tower Theatre directors, you will need to fil in this form when applying to direct for a particular season. The form should then be submitted to Martin Mulgrew
  • For aspiring directors with no experience, the Tower Theatre operates an Assistant Directors Scheme. However, you may be asked to be an Assistant Stage Manager (ASM) on a production in the first instance and then work as Assistant Director on another. If you have previous experience in directing elsewhere you may not need to ASM. For more information about directing with the Tower, or if you have any queries, please contact Louise Bakker. If all goes well you could be offered a full production (which will be mutually agreed with the Artistic Team).
Non-Acting Membership
You can also join the Company as a Non-Acting Member by simply applying to the Company Committee and then paying your subscription.

Acting and Directing with the Tower Theatre are not the only ways of being part of the Company. To put on the show we also need Designers, Backstage Crews, Front of House staff, Publicity ... the list goes on. As an example of what it takes to get a show on the stage, here's a series of photos showing how one of our shows is put together in the theatre ...

The Get-In ...

The Performances ...
(No photos of the cast acting here - plenty of those on other pages on the web site!)
And then it all comes down : the Strike

If you would be interested in joining a fun, vibrant and busy theatre company ...

Find out more about being a member!

If you'd like to act or direct with the company send an E-mail to Peter Westbury, who is our Auditions Co-ordinator.

If you are interested in working backstage, wielding a hammer, needle or laptop to create some magic on stage - send an E-mail to Michael Bettell, our Production Team Co-ordinator.

And if your interests are in the areas of communications, marketing or publicity, then our Marketing Team would be delighted to hear from you - send your E-mail direct to them.

The photographs on this page were mainly taken by David Sprecher during our recent production of The Misanthrope.
Additional photography by Laurence Tuerk.