To Kill A Mockingbird  
To Kill A Mockingbird

by Harper Lee, in an adaptation by Christopher Sergel

Directed by Martin Mulgrew

Evenings at 7.30
Wednesday 24th - Saturday 27th October and Tuesday 30th October - Saturday 3rd November
Matinées at 3.00
Saturdays 27th October
and 3rd November

At the Tower Theatre, Stoke Newington

Adapted from the 1960 Pulitzer Prize winning novel of the same name, To Kill A Mockingbird explores themes of racial prejudice, injustice, social exclusion and the loss of innocence.

Set in Alabama in 1935, the central character, Jean-Louise Finch (known by her nickname "Scout") recounts her memories of the town she grew up in, the father she loved, the terrible injustice of the trial of Tom Robinson who was falsely accused of rape, and the day she was saved by her mysterious neighbour Boo Radley.

Cast List

Atticus Finch : Simon Lee
Jean : Alison Liney
Scout : Ruby Mendoza-Willcocks
Calpurnia : Nancy Pinthieve
Dill : Emily McCormick
Jem : Pablo Tranchell
Miss Maudie Atkinson : Judith Barbeler
Miss Stephanie Crawford : Beatrice Andrew
Mayella Ewell : Annie Davison
Mrs Dubose : Sheila Burbidge
Bob Ewell : Kevin Furness
Mr Gilmer : John Chapman
Boo Radley : Peter Westbury
Tom Robinson : Jordan Duvigneau
Helen Robinson : Hannah Makwana
Reverend Sykes : Anthony Davis
Heck Tate : Richard Kirby
Judge Taylor : Tom Tillery
Court Clerk : Ayla Mammadova
Townsfolk / Mob : Rebecca Hill, Kate Fearnley, Denyse Macpherson
Mr Cunningham : Matthew Ibbotson
Nathan Radley : To be confirmed


Production Team

Director : Martin Mulgrew
Set Design : Jude Chalk
Costume Design : Haidee Elise
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley
Fight Choreographer : Lyndsay Royan

Assistant Director : Landé Belo
Stage Managers : Ann Watchorn, Sarah Ambrose
ASM : Jacqui Dickson
Lighting and Sound Operator : Steph Siraut
Dialect Coach : Donna C Martin