Company Officers : Who Does What

Here is a list of the people who have continuing responsibilities
for managing various aspects of the Company's work.



Chairman, Company Committee

Harry Reeder

Artistic Direction


Artistic Director

Eddie Coleman

Assistant Artistic Directors

Martin Mulgrew
Dan Usztan

Membership and Auditions


Auditions Co-ordinator

Peter Westbury


Assistant Co-ordinators

Stephen Brasher
Roanne Insley
Lesley Scarth


Social Events Co-ordinator

Pat Grosse

Finance and Administration


Finance Director

Nick Insley



Lesley Scarth



Jonathan Norris
Ruth Sanderson


Company Committee Minutes Secretary

Ros Reeder


Tower Archivist

Tom Tillery


Tower 150 Club

Celia Reynolds

Publicity and Marketing


Marketing Group Co-ordinator




Roanne Insley


Press Liaison

Joyce Terry


Paris Co-ordinator

Jean Carr


Programme Co-ordinator

Michelle Roebuck


Newsletter Editor

Ruth Sullivan


Editor, Tower web site

Laurence Tuerk


Facebook Co-ordinator

Ruth Sullivan


Box Office Manager

Penny Tuerk


Front of House Manager

Alison Liney

Technical Management


Technical Group Co-ordinator

Rob Irvine


Health & Safety Officer

Richard Pedersen

Tavistock Repertory Guarantors Ltd.


Chair, TRGL
Finance Director, TRGL

Nick Insley