Audition Notice To Kill A Mockingbird

by Harper Lee
Adapted for the stage by Christopher Sergel

Directed by Martin Mulgrew

Performance Dates & Times :
Wednesday 24th - Saturday 27th October and Tuesday 30th October - Saturday 3rd November at 7.30
Matineés: Saturday 27th October and Saturday 3rd November at 3.00.
to be performed at the Tower Theatre, Stoke Newington


These auditions are open to anyone
Adult non-members must pay the £20 audition fee before the auditions.
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(No audition fee payable for children)

Audition Dates & Times :
Monday 20th August at 7.00 at the Tower Theatre, 16 Northwold Road, London N16 7HR.

If you plan to audition, follow this link to the audition form.
Please complete and print it to bring along with you.

Rehearsals will take place on weekday evenings and weekends from week commencing 20th August to the run of the play. Exact dates to be determined.

All cast and crew will be required on Sunday 21st, Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd October for the get-in, and for the technical and dress rehearsals.

If you have any questions about the play or the production, or cannot come to the auditions on the dates shown please contact the Director via the Tower Theatre Office.

Martin Mulgrew

Martin Mulgrew is Artistic Director of the Tower. Last year, he directed The Importance of Being Earnest which toured to the U.S.A. and in 2013 his play Entertaining Mr Orton was chosen as a Tower production for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This summer, he will be appearing as Henry VIII in the Tower's production of Wolf Hall
Set Design : Jude Chalk
Costume Design : Haidee Elise
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley
Assistant Director : Landé Belo

The director writes :

Adapted from the 1960 Pulitzer Prize winning novel of the same name, To Kill A Mockingbird explores themes of racial prejudice, injustice, social exclusion and the loss of innocence.

Set in Alabama in 1935, the central character Jean Louise Finch, known by her nickname "Scout", recounts her memories of the town she grew up in, the father she loved, the terrible injustice of the trial of Tom Robinson, falsely accused of rape, and the day she was saved by her mysterious neighbour Boo Radley.

The play uses authentic language of the time including racial epithets which some people may find offensive.

The characters are :
The cast consists of 21 characters along with a mob. Actors will need to be able to master a convincing southern American accent.
Note on playing ages : Playing ages are provided as a guide. If there is a part you wish to audition for but feel you do not meet the playing age audition anyway or contact me to discuss matters prior to the auditions.

Jean Louise Finch, the narrator [40+] : Appears out of her time recounting the events as she recalls them. There is a melancholy to the character revisiting events that had a profound affect upon her as a child. I am willing to consider any actress for this role aged over 40.

Children's roles
Scout, the younger version of Jean Louise [10] : Scout is about 7 years old in the book but is played by older children on stage. She's a tomboy and devoted to her father. Central to her character is her innocence.
Jem Finch [playing age 10] : Scout's older brother. Always looking out for Scout but also finds his younger sister a nuisance and an annoyance.
Dill [playing age 10] : A friend of Scout and Jem, he is small, blond, bookish and wise. Harper Lee based the character on her childhood friend Truman Capote.

The Finch household
Atticus Finch [playing age 40-50] : Atticus is a single parent to two children. He is a defence attorney appointed to defend Tom Robinson. He is world-weary and a sadness pervades the character as he futilely attempts to prevent a terrible miscarriage of justice.
Calpurnia [playing age 40+] : Atticus' black housekeeper and someone who has become a mother figure in Jem and Scout's life.

Tom Robinson [playing age 20-30] : Tom is a poor black farm worker whose fate is sealed when he takes pity upon Mayella Ewell and asks to help her with her chores. He is one of two Mockingbirds in the play - Boo Radley being the other - victims of terrible prejudice. He is a large strong man whose left arm was seriously injured in a cotton gin accident when he was a boy. The muscles were torn loose and the arm is essentially useless to him. He has a wife, Helen, and children.
Helen Robinson [playing age 20-30] : Helen Robinson is the wife of Tom Robinson. She has three children. She is repeatedly harassed by Bob Ewell. She has to watch with dignity and is powerless as her husband is falsely accused of rape.
Reverend Sykes [playing age 30-60] : A local black Minister who lends support to the Robinsons during the trial.
Arthur "Boo" Radley [playing age early 40s] : A mysterious bogeyman in the minds of the children. In reality a social outcast despised and feared by the town. He comes to the children's help at the end of the play.
Nathan Radley [playing age 40-50] : Boo Radley's older brother who has sole care for Boo. He goes out of his way to stop Boo from having any contact with the outside world as he fears what his brother may be capable of.
Mayella Ewell [playing age 20-30] : With her mother dead, Mayella becomes a surrogate wife for her father and mother for her younger siblings. She's forced into in an incestuous and abusive relationship with her father, but she doesn't have anywhere to go or anyone to help her. A challenging role.
Bob Ewell [playing age 40-50s] : A little bantam cock of a man, he is a violent alcoholic prone to raping his daughter Mayella.
Miss Maudie Atkinson [playing age 30-40] : Miss Maudie is part of the world where "fragrant ladies rocked slowly, fanned gently, and drank cool water". One of the southern belles of the town, she is a neighbour and friend of the Finches. She guides the children through the trial of Tom Robinson, offering sage advice.
Miss Stephanie Crawford [playing age 20-40] : As the town busybody and scold, Miss Stephanie makes it her business to spread gossip, the meaner the better. She's the Finch kids' main source of rumors about Boo Radley, and takes much delight in the ghoulish details.
Mrs Henry Lafeyette Dubose [playing age 60+] : A grand dame of the South. Despite being confined to a wheelchair most of the time, she instills terror in the children. She is described thus : "Cords of saliva would collect on her lips; she would draw them in, then open her mouth again. Her mouth seemed to have a private existence of its own".
Mr Cunningham [playing age 50+] : In the eyes of Maycomb, the Cunninghams are a step below the townspeople (they're poor farmers), but a step above the Ewells. Mr. Cunningham, along with others like him, is part of the mob that tries to lynch Tom Robinson the night before the trial.
Mr Horace Gilmer [playing age 40-60] : Prosecuting counsel at the trial of Tom Robinson. Mr. Gilmer has a slight cast with one eye, which he uses to his advantage in trial.
Heck Tate [playing age 30-50] : The local Sheriff tasked with the investigation into Mayella's accusations. "I'm not a very good man, sir, but I am sheriff of Maycomb County. Lived in this town all my life an' I'm goin' on forty-three years old. Know everything that's happened here since before I was born."
Judge Taylor [playing age 50-70] : Judge John Taylor is a white-haired old man with a reputation for running his court in an informal fashion and an enjoyment of singing and dipping tobacco. During the trial he shows great distaste for the Ewells and great respect for Atticus. Appoints Atticus as defence attorney.

As well as the characters set out above there is a clerk of the court and a lynch mob made up of townsfolk.

Please read the play before auditioning.

Production Team

We are looking for the following :
Stage Manager / Assistant Stage Managers : The set remains unchanged throughout the play with minimal prop changes.
Sound designer : The soundscape will invoke the deep south of the United States during a time of horrendous racial prejudice.

If you are interested in any of these roles or in being involved in the show in any other capacity please contact the Director, via the Tower Office.