Audition Notice Happy Days

by Samuel Beckett

Directed by Robert Pennant Jones

Performance Dates & Times :
Tuesday 16th - Saturday 20th April at 7.30
Matinée on Saturday 20th April at 3.00
to be performed at the Tower Theatre, Stoke Newington


This audition is for Tower Theatre Company Members only.
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Audition Dates & Times :
Saturday 19th January from 2.00 at the Tower Theatre, Stoke Newington.

If you plan to audition, follow this link to the audition form.
Please complete and print it to bring along with you.

Cast and crew may be required on Sunday 14th and Monday 15th April all day for the get-in, technical and dress rehearsals.

If you have any questions about the play or the production, or cannot come to the auditions on the dates shown please contact the Auditions Secretary, Stephen Brasher.

Robert Pennant Jones

Robert Pennant Jones has acted and directed with the Tower for over fifty years. His latest production was Waiting for Godot (2008) and his latest appearance was as King Lear (2015).

The director writes :

This audition is for the part of Willie only. The part of Winnie has already been cast.

The character of Willie (playing age 60s) intervenes occasionally in what is virtually a monologue for his wife Winnie, but he is essential to her world. The part requires considerable use of mime.

I prefer to hold the audition for each actor at prearranged half-hour intervals, so perhaps those interested could contact the Auditions Secretary, Stephen Brasher to arrange a suitable time.