Audition Notice The Seagull

by Anton Chekhov
Translated by Michael Frayn

Directed by Julia Collier

Performance Dates & Times :
Wednesday 7th - Saturday 10th and Tuesday 13th - Saturday 17th November at 7.30
Matinées on Saturday 10th and 17th November at 3.00
to be performed at the Tower Theatre, Stoke Newington


These auditions are for Tower Theatre Company Members only.
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Audition Dates & Times :
Tuesday 21st, Wednesday 22nd and Wednesday 29th August at 7.30 at the Tower Theatre, Stoke Newington.
There may be recalls, probably on Saturday 1st September.

If you plan to audition, follow this link to the audition form.
Please complete and print it to bring along with you.

Rehearsals will take place on weekday evenings and weekends starting from early September to the run of the play.

All cast and crew may be required on Sunday 4th, Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th November all day for the get-in, technical and dress rehearsals.

If you have any questions about the play or the production, or cannot come to the auditions on the dates shown please contact the Director, Julia Collier via the Tower Office.

Julia Collier

Julia Collier
Assistant Director : Alistair Maydon
Set Design : Rob Hebblethwaite
Costume Design : Lynda Twidale
Stage Manager : Lauren Turner

The director writes :

Written as a "comedy", The Seagull is about a group of people on a family estate in Russia. Chekhov's writing heralded a new form of drama and became highly influential in the evolution of dramatic writing : character becoming more important than plot - but his melding of naturalism and symbolism create an ethereal dimension. At its heart, it's a study of people and human nature : frustrated lives, ambition, unrequited love and destruction, set against the backdrop of nature and the passing of time.

The cast consists of 13/14 characters but some of these may be doubled up.

The characters are :
Playing ages are provided as a guide. Ages are ideal ages and may be adjusted proportionally, dependent on casting choices. If there is a part you wish to audition for but feel you do not meet the playing age audition anyway or contact the Director to discuss matters prior to the auditions.

Arkadina, an actress [43] : A wealthy actress and mother of Konstantin, vain, foolish, egocentric.
Konstantin (Kostya) Treplev, her son [25+] : An aspiring playwright. Immature, self-absorbed, self-pitying, has new ideas about playwriting. Loves Nina. Jealous of Trigorin.
Sorin (Peter), her brother [60] : Retired Law Court official. Kind, sympathetic. A bachelor. Had aspirations to become a writer once but accepts his lot in life. Unassuming and self-deprecating. Rheumatic/arthritic. Fond of a drink and good food. An unfulfilled life, in his eyes.
Nina, young daughter of a wealthy landowner [19+] : Aspiring actress, loved by Konstantin, with great capacity for love and self-delusion. Virtually kept prisoner by her father and stepmother.
Trigorin (Boris), a novelist [late 30s] : A successful writer. Arkadena's lover. Confident, charismatic and without moral scruples. Raffish.
Shamreyev (Il'ia), a retired lieutenant, Sorin's steward [50+] : Rather a bore. Pedantic. Bossy. Diligent to the extreme.
Masha, his daughter [22] : Secretly in love with Konstantin. Stoical. Resigned yet hopeful. Observant and intuitive. Loved by Medvedenko. Likes a drink - possibly too much.
Polina, his wife [40s] : Although married to Shamreyev, she's always been in love with Dorn. Under the thumb of her husband.
Dorn, a doctor [55] : Good looking, once an "idol" of the neighboring estates. Matter of fact and sympathetic to others but indifferent to Polina's feelings. Appears disinterested in matters of the heart. Urbane and charming.
Medvedenko (Semen), a teacher [30-40] : Loves Masha but this is unrequited. Kind and thoughtful. Looks after his elderly mother on very little money. [May be doubled with a Workman]
Yakov, a workman [40+]
A Maid [any age]
A Cook/Workman [any age/gender]

Please read the Michael Frayn translation of this play before auditioning.

Production Team

We are looking for the following :
Sound Designer : Music and SFX required by the action but also key to the overall.
Assistant Stage Managers : The play takes place at the Treplev family estate - there are two interior and two exterior sets over four Acts and props to be kept to a minimum.

If you are interested in either of these roles or in being involved in the show in any other capacity please contact the Director via the Tower Office.