Audition Notice Nell Gwynn

by Jessica Swale

Directed by Roger Beaumont

Performance Dates & Times :
Tuesday 5th - Saturday 9th December and Tuesday 12th - Saturday 16th December at 7.30
Matinées on Saturday 9th and Saturday 16th December at 3.00
to be performed at the Bridewell Theatre


These auditions are open to anyone
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Non-members must pay the £20 audition fee before the auditions.
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Audition Dates & Times :
Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th September at 7.30 and Sunday 10th September at 2.00 at the St Bride Institute (above the Bridewell Theatre), Bride Lane, London EC4Y 8EQ.

We have had a great response to this audition notice and as a result we have added a third audition date.

If you wish to audition, to discuss anything about the play or cannot come to the auditions on the dates shown please contact the Director, Roger Beaumont. Please let him know your preferred audition date and which part(s) you wish to audition for. If this is not possible then do please still come along - we will be delighted to see you!

Recalls will take place in the week of 11th September, details to follow.

If you plan to audition, follow this link to the audition form.
Please complete and print it to bring along with you.

Please read the play before auditioning. Rehearsals will take place on weekday evenings and weekends from the beginning of October to the run of the play. Exact dates to be determined. Should you be cast you will be expected to undertake some preparatory text work.
All cast and crew will be required on Sunday 3rd and Monday 4th December for the get-in and for technical and dress rehearsals.

Roger Beaumont

Roger Beaumont's directing credits include - For the Tower Theatre : Chapter Two, Aladdin, Neville's Island, Outside Edge, The Gay Detective, Speed-The-Plow, The Birthday Party, A Doll's House, Miss Julie, Blackbird, Endgame, The Winterling, The Last of the Haussmans, Hedda Gabler and Jeeves and Wooster in 'Perfect Nonsense'; For Questors Theatre : Design for Living, A Streetcar Named Desire, Closer, Duet for One, Waiting for Godot, Festen, Les Liaisons Dangereuses, Humble Boy and All My Sons; For SEDOS : Three Sisters and Boeing Boeing. Acting credits for the Tower Theatre include Eddy in Greek, Burton in Burn This, Benny in My Night with Reg, Ray Say in Little Voice, Lopakhin in The Cherry Orchard, Mr. Rochester in Jane Eyre, Laurent in Thérèse Raquin, Jake Blues in Tribute to the Blues Brothers, George in Kvetch, Ray in Blackbird and, most recently, Griffin in The Night Heron.
Musical Director : Jonathan Norris
Set Design : Roger Beaumont
Costume Design : Lynda Twidale
Lighting Design : Robert Irvine
Sound Design : Leon Chambers
Choreographer/ Movement / Foley Sound : Ruth Sullivan
Stage Manager : Dinah Irvine
Assistant Director : Harry Reeder

The director writes :
"The rags to royalty story of Charles II's favourite mistress, orange seller and one time lady of the night turned actress Eleanor 'Nell' Gwynn, is a fruity tale of feminism and femininity."

It is 1660. The Puritans have run away and Charles II has exploded onto the scene with a love of all things loud, French and sexy. And at Drury Lane, a young Nell Gwynn is selling oranges for sixpence. Little does she know who's watching.
Premièred at The Globe and winner of the 2016 Olivier Best Comedy award, Nell Gwynn charts the rise of an unlikely heroine, from her roots in Coal Yard Alley to her success as Britain's most celebrated actress, and her hard-won place in the heart of the King. But at a time when women are second-class citizens, can her charm and spirit protect her from the dangers of the court? And at what cost?

"Intricately layered, it works on many levels, from the low comedy of the Carry On films and the laugh out loud 'Coarse Acting' of Michael Green, to heart-wrenching moments of grief and touching scenes of tenderness."

Great writing, great roles for women, wide age-range in the cast, an opportunity to be part of an ensemble, music, singing, tragedy, comedy, silly costumes, dancing, a 2 week run - it should be fun!

The characters are :

There is some room for some discretion age-wise, so please still come to the audition if you are interested.
Nell Gwynn : (20 - 30) Our heroine
Rose Gwynn : (20 - 30) Nell's sister
Nancy : (18 - 30) Nell's dresser and confidante
Ma Gwynn* : (40 - 65) Nell's mother, a brothel madam
Queen Catherine* : (40 - 65) Charles's Portuguese wife
Lady Castlemaine** : (25 - 35) Charles's mistress
Louise de Keroualle** : (25 - 35) Charles's French mistress
King Charles II : (20 - 40) The King
Charles Hart : (30 - 45) Leading actor in the King's Company
Thomas Killigrew : (40 - 50) Actor-manager of the King's Company
Edward Kynaston : (25 - 40) Actor in the King's Company, plays the women's parts
John Dryden : (30 - 45) Playwright
Lord Arlington : (50 - 70) Charles II's adviser
Ned Spigget : (18 - 25) Actor in training in the King's Company

* and ** : These roles could be doubled - which might be fun

Please look at the following sections/scenes before the audition :

Nell :
Act 1 Scene 2 19 - 23 (Hart), 25 -26 (Rose)
Act 1 Scene 6 SONG - "I can dance and I can sing"*
Act 1 Scene 10 Bottom of 61 - 65 (Charles)
Act 2 Scene 12 125 - 126 (Ned, Hart, Nancy)
* please contact if you would like the music in advance.
Rose :
Act 1 Scene 2 25 - 26 (Nell)
Act 2 Scene 1 83 - 86 (Nell, Ma Gwynn)
Nancy :
Act 2 Scene 2 87 - 91 (Killigrew, Ned, Kynaston, Hart, Dryden, Nell)
Act 2 Scene 8 110 - 113 (Killigrew, Hart, Ned, Kynsaton)
Old Ma Gwynn :
Act 2 Scene 1 83 - 85 (Nell, Rose)
Queen Catherine (please look at both English and Portuguese versions) :
Act 1 Scene 8 55 - 57 (Arlington, Charles)
Lady Castlemaine :
Act 1 Scene 4 36 - 38 (Charles, Arlington)
Act 1 Scene 13 76 - 78 (Nell)
Louise de Keroualle (please look at both English and French versions) :
Act 2 Scene 2 92 - 97 (Charles, Nancy, Nell, Killigrew, Hart, Kynaston, Dryden)
King Charles II :
Act 1 Scene 4 35 - 38 (Arlington, Lady Castlemaine)
Act 1 Scene 10 Bottom of 61 - 65 (Nell)
Charles Hart :
Act 1 Scene 1 18 (Nell)
Act 1 Scene 2 19 - 23 (Nell)
Thomas Killigrew :
Act 1 Scene 3 27 - 31 (Kynaston, Dryden, Nancy, Ned, Hart, Nell)
Edward Kynaston :
Act 1 Scene 3 27 - 31 (Killigrew, Dryden, Nancy, Ned, Hart, Nell)
John Dryden :
Act 1 Scene 5 43 from "It's not your fault" - 47 (Nell, Rose, Nancy)
Lord Arlington :
Act 1 Scene 12 71 - 72 (Nell)
Act 2 Scene 1 79 - 82 (Charles)
Ned Spigget :
Act 1 Scene 1 16 - 17 (Prologue - Nell & Hecklers)

For a copy of the script, please email the Director, Roger Beaumont.

Production Team

We are looking for Lighting and Sound Operators : We need enthusiastic operators to join our team for all the performances plus a couple of evenings to see rehearsals.

If you are interested in these roles or in being involved in the show in any other capacity please contact the Director, Roger Beaumont.