Wolf Hall  
Wolf Hall

by Hilary Mantel, adapted for the stage by Mike Poulton

Directed by Dan Usztan

Evenings at 7.30
Tuesday 17th - Saturday 21st and Tuesday 24th - Saturday 28th July
Matinées at 3.00
Saturday 21st and Saturday 28th July

The Tower Theatre performing at the Bridewell Theatre, off Fleet Street

After twenty years of marriage to Katherine of Aragon, King Henry VIII is desperate for a male heir. Keen to divorce his Queen and seek a wife who will give him a son, he cannot defy the law of the land and the will of God.

Enter Thomas Cromwell - son of a blacksmith, political genius, briber, charmer, bully. A man who will defy princes, lords and popes to make the impossible happen for Henry. With Cromwell by his side, Henry pursues the young noblewoman Anne Boleyn and ignites a course of action that threatens to tear Europe apart.

This epic adaptation of Hilary Mantel's Man Booker Prize-winning novel was premiered by the Royal Shakespeare Company in 2013 before transferring to the West End and Broadway.

Cast List

Henry VIII : Martin Mulgrew
Stephen Gardiner/Eustace Chapuys : Will Howells
Thomas Cromwell : Dickon Farmar
Cardinal Wolsey : Adam Sutcliffe
Mark Smeaton : Joe Lewis
Rafe Sadler : Samuel Currie-Smith
Liz Cromwell : Jessica Hammett
Christophe/Francis Weston : Adam Hampton-Matthews
Thomas More : Julian Farrance
Thomas Boleyn : Jonathan Norris
Jane Rochford : Bryony Purdue
Anne Boleyn : Sophie King
Queen Katherine : Helen McCormack
Gregory Cromwell : David Miller
Duke of Suffolk : Grant Campbell
Thomas Wyatt : Murray Deans
Duke of Norfolk : John Chapman
Sir Henry Norris : Guyene Muneesamy
Mary Boleyn : Emily Grimson
Jane Seymour : Sarah McCarthy
George Boleyn : Jon Foster
Archbishop Warham : Alistair Maydon
Thomas Cranmer : Paul Isaacs
Princess Mary : Bryony Purdue
French Ambassador : Michael Mayne


Production Team

Director : Dan Usztan
Set Design : Jude Chalk
Composer : Dan Smith
Lighting Design : Stephen Ley
Sound Design : Rob Ellis

Stage Manager : Dinah Irvine
ASMs : Alison Liney, Ruth Sanderson
Props Co-Ordinator : Michelle Roebuck
Lighting Operator : Laurence Tuerk
Sound Operator : Penny Tuerk
Movement Director : Jack Murphy