Tower Theatre Summer Season 2020

Artistic Director Martin Mulgrew is pleased to announce the full season of shows for Summer 2020

Next summer will see the Tower performing seven productions in total, two of which will tour (Paris and Cornwall). There will be six productions in the theatre space and one in the Smith Studio.

So get your auditioning hats on!

Wednesday 29th April to Saturday 9th May

“Enchanted April” by Matthew Barber

Directed by John McSpadyen

The director writes

Set in the 1920s, two London housewives pool their savings to rent a villa in Italy for a ladies-only holiday, reluctantly recruiting a pair of difficult upper-class women to share the cost and the experience. Together under the Mediterranean sun, the four women clash — and then begin to bond and bloom — until men once again upset the balance. (5f/3m)

Auditions for this show will take place on the 26th, 27th and 30th November (for more details see the Audition Notice)

Wednesday 13th May to Saturday 23rd May

The Merchant Of Venice by William Shakespeare

Directed by Peter Foster

The Director writes:

This is one of Shakespeare’s great comedies with a very well balanced cast of characters. The play covers racism (particularly anti-Semitism) and homosexuality among other issues. We are setting this production of The Merchant of Venice in 1930s fascist Italy when these particular issues were as central as they were in Shakespeare’s England. 

With its confusion of traders, money lending, love that relies on controlling fathers (one from beyond the grave), a riddle of caskets, and rings that bind and are lost, Merchant also reveals the dark side of trading concealing anti-Semitism and a society at odds with itself.

Disguise, cross-dressing, beauty, and harsh words and deeds all vie for our attention in this compelling play.

Auditions will take place on the 11th, 14th and 16th January 2020. (for more details see the Audition Notice)

This production will tour to Jardin Shakespeare, Paris 30th May to the 7th June 2020.

Tuesday 26th to Saturday 30th May

Five Women (A new play developed by Tower Theatre Company)

Directed by Angharad Ormond, Written by Lucy Moss

Musical Director Rosie Hayes

The director writes:

Reuniting the team that brought you The Canterbury Tales, Five Women will explore the themes of poverty, sexual exploitation, crime, punishment and desperation as seen through the eyes of women. Seeking to give a voice to those who have been silenced by society, and celebrating resilience and solidarity, this brand new production will be accompanied by a series of workshops and events

(for more details see the Audition Notice)

Wednesday 10th June to Saturday 20th June

Mules by Winsome Pinnock

Directed by Lande Belo

The director writes

Wanted: Women to traffic drugs.  That’s the job.  There’s cash, international travel, a chance to make it big.  Risks include violence, betrayal, incarceration, death.

 Mules is a no holds barred, unrelenting tale of disparate (and at times, desperate) young women who get caught up in the international drug trade as drug couriers or “mules”, whether as a means of escaping poverty and victimhood or simply to acquire wealth and power in a world where they are systematically excluded.  

Mules was commissioned by Clean Break Theatre Company and premiered at the Royal Court Upstairs in April 1996.  The Independent described the play as having “the punch and pizazz of a Hollywood action movie, but hijacks those conventions to expose a sorry tale of exploitation”.  Mules has toured theatres worldwide, including UK, US, Jamaica, India and Australia. 

Winsome Pinnock is an award-winning British playwright, described in The Guardian as “the godmother of black British playwrights. 

Auditions will take place on 10, 12 and 14 March 2020 (for more details see the Audition Notice)

Wednesday 24th June to Saturday 4th July

London Wall by John Van Druten

Directed by Stephen Brasher

The director writes:

In a solicitor’s office in the City, Brewer, the office manager, sees pretty new 19-year-old typist Pat as fair game. As some of the more experienced secretaries try to warn her, and others leave her to her fate, her steady boyfriend – an idealistic young writer- desperately tries to win her back. Written in 1931 John Van Druten’s play shows us a world where women are, for the first time, in the majority at work. (5f/4m)(for more details see Audition Notice when published)

Tuesday 14th July to Saturday 18th July

Keesha / Carpenter by Mark E. Leib

Directed by Mike Nower

To be performed in the Smith Studio

The director writes:

When brilliant African American student Keesha first meets white Professor Carpenter, she’s excited by the prospect of learning political philosophy from the famous (and intimidating) older man. But as she comes to know him, she begins to wonder if he’s a racist, actively working to thwart her academic and political ambitions.

(for more details see Audition Notice when published)

Thursday 30th July to Saturday 8th August

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald adapted for the stage by Simon Levy

Directed by David Taylor

The director writes:

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsbyhas become one of the most admired of the great American novels. It is an analysis of the American Dream depicting the hedonistic parties of the super rich during the Jazz Age. But at heart this is a dark story of dangerously twisted relationships. Set in 1922 when prohibition produced an underworld of bootleggers and speakeasys the story concerns the mysterious and charismatic Jay Gatsby and his obsessive love for Daisy – the girl he fell in love with before the war, which kept them apart. This adaptation is a faithful telling of the story but which also allows great opportunity for a dramatic and cinematic staging.

Auditions will take place on the 11th, 14th and 16th January 2020. (for more details see the Audition Notice)

This production will tour to the Minack Theatre, Cornwall 29th August to the 5th September 2020.

Expressions of interest are sought from directors interested in directing in the Autumn 2020 season.

If interested please contact the Artistic Director

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