World Festival of Amateur Theatre – Monaco 2021

IATA Festival 2021

Reminder for submissions to the Artistic Team

Calling on all our Tower creatives!  Please do not miss out on the opportunity to be selected to attend the World Festival of Amateur Theatre which will be held in Monaco from 17-22 August 2021.   Over 12 countries are represented from all around the world and each member country is represented by one amateur theatre company, to be selected by a national committee.  The Tower Theatre would like to apply to the national committee to be selected to represent the UK at the Festival in Monaco.  This will involve presenting a piece of theatre which meets the following criteria:

  • A devised piece or material that is not subject to licence fees
  • Must “present cultural diversities through scenic forms and dramatic expressions”
  • Must not be more than 60 minutes long (including time to set up for performance)
  • Must be predominantly physical and expressive theatre (singing, dancing, music etc. as opposed to dialogue driven material) to cater for a multi-lingual audience


To find out more about this Festival and if you are interested in representing the Tower Theatre and would like to present a piece of theatre that satisfies the above criteria, then please contact Landé Belo for more details. The deadline to send in your submission (which must include a video and photographs of your production) is 26 October 2020.