Technical Team

The objective of the team is to oversee and allocate resources for all aspects of the Company’s Technical and Backstage Management. The team consists of:

  • Jude Chalk (Design)
  • Phillip Ley (Sound)
  • Rob Hebblethwaite
  • Sheila Burbidge (Wardrobe)
  • Nick Insley (Lighting)
  • Laurence Tuerk (Equipment)
  • Richard Pedersen (Health and Safety)

The team’s responsibilities include:

  • providing technical support to the Artistic Team;
  • co-ordinating the crewing (the recruitment of production teams) for productions;
  • ensuring that the Tower conforms to safety standards;
  • providing additional support for technical and backstage crews;
  • encouraging new members to become involved in backstage work, developing their skills and experience.

The Team meets about once every 6 weeks to co-ordinate our plans, discuss forthcoming productions and cry on each other’s shoulders.