Production Teams

Every production needs a dedicated team to get the show on stage. The Tower Theatre Company has a strong pool of talent to fill the various creative roles but with around twenty productions each year, there’s always a need for more. People working on shows come from all backgrounds and walks of life; some have professional experience in the theatre but most have learnt the skills at the Tower or other non-professional companies.

We match up anyone interested in learning more about the technical aspects of theatre with experienced Members to learn ‘on-the-job’, and also from time-to-time offer workshops and training to explain different roles and develop skills.

If you have a query or would like to know more, please contact us via email.

The main technical and creative roles that need to be filled in order to mount a production are:

  • Stage Management – The Stage Manager’s role is hugely important for each show, being at the Director’s side throughout the process from the auditions, through all rehearsals, to the end of the production run. The Tower would normally expect prospective Stage Managers to have worked as an Assistant Stage Manager (ASM) on another production first.
  • ASMs may take responsibility for sourcing props and assisting set designers with specific items of furniture and set dressing. During the run of a show, ASMs tend to have a more technical role, working on scene changes and generally keeping everything backstage running smoothly.
  • Set Design – We always need creative people who are able to design, build and paint. If you are keen to learn these skills, you can shadow an experienced designer before being mentored on your own show. The set could be any place or style, depending on the production.
  • Costume Design – The Tower has a huge stock of costumes. We need designers who can use these and acquire or make new ones to create the right look for each play.
  • Lighting Design – The Tower has excellent equipment to make the job easier. Helping out as a Lighting Operator first will give you the chance to assist one of our more experienced designers and learn the specifics of lighting our beautiful space.
  • Sound Design – We have a large database of sound effects and use the industry standard QLab system to run sound on our shows. There are many experienced Sound Designers at the Tower who will be happy to show you the ropes if this is an area you’re interested in. Helping out as a Sound Operator first will also give you experience.
  • Operators – every show need operators for lighting and sound, and sometimes for video too. Operating on a production is an excellent way of getting involved without needing to make a huge time commitment.

Here’s a selection of the varied sets we’ve built in the theatre over the past couple of years

  • The set of "The Canterbury Tales"
  • The set of "Pygmalion"
  • The set of "The Merry Wives of Windsor"
  • The set of "Deposit"
  • The set of "Fix-Up"
  • The set of "Breaking the Code"
  • Building a set
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