The Tower Theatre Company is fortunate to have many professionals working to make our shows – lighting designers, artists, sound engineers, but also lawyers, diplomats, primary school teachers, chefs, and journalists.

In addition to our acting opportunities, we are always happy to introduce new Friends and Members to the exciting work backstage that makes everything onstage possible:

  • Stage Managers – Keep everything backstage running smoothly, and when it doesn’t, apply glue-guns, safety-pins, gaffers tape, and staples to get things back on track;
  • Costume Designers – Currently seeking fashion icons…bonus points if your expertise includes Elizabethan England, 1920’s New York City, and the occasional Court of Louis XIV;
  • Producers – Can you herd cats whilst juggling chainsaws and make the trains run on time? Then an avocation in theatrical producing might just be the perfect avocation for you;
  • Lighting Designers – You’re the only ones who ultimately can make the actors look good on stage, and we’ll teach you how to plot, gel, hang, focus, and run the lights that make the shows come alive;
  • Sound Technician – Always wanted to make a train barrel past the theatre in a rainstorm as a gospel choir sings in the background? Then we want you to learn to build and integrate sound into our productions;
  • Set Designers – We always need creative types who can decorate a Venetian palace, build a steam train, and take an audience into the back alleys of Hong Kong with two sheets of plywood, fairy lights, and a lick of paint;

We match up anyone interested in learning more about the technical aspects of theatre with experienced Members to learn ‘on-the-job’, and also offer workshops and training to introduce different functions and build skills.