New Artistic Direction Team appointed

Martin Mulgrew steps down

After seven years on the Artistic Team, including four as Artistic Director, Martin Mulgrew has stepped down from the post.

Rather than having a single Artistic Director, as in the past, the Management Committee has appointed a team of three to take over from Martin. This comprises Ruth Sullivan, Simona Hughes and Angharad Ormond. They say :

We are honoured to have been appointed as an Artistic Team, taking over from Martin and the excellent job he and his AADs have done in leading the company’s artistic direction over the last four years, and in particular overseeing the transition period as we moved into our new home. We know we have a huge task ahead, with our first challenge being to help the company recover from the impact of the pandemic and supporting all directors and casts that were due to perform last year. We are keen to create a range of opportunities to reconnect with all our Members and Friends, and will spend the first few weeks of our tenure mapping out our plans for the months ahead. We are also developing our vision for the future, when the pandemic is behind us, with lots of exciting new initiatives that will help the company grow and blossom. We look forward to sharing more with you very soon. 

Martin Mulgrew writes : “It has been an honour and privilege to have helped shape artistic policy for the best part of a decade. I would like to thank all those who have been members of the Artistic Team over the time I have been Artistic Director.
The Tower is a special place and it is terribly sad to see the current situation theatre faces but I have no doubt next year the Tower will bounce back even stronger.
My successor inherits a number of productions for which we already hold the rights which will see us well into 2021. I look forward to seeing them and wish my successor all the very best for the future”.

David Taylor (outgoing Chairman of the Tower’s Management Committee) writes : “Martin has done a great job for the Tower Theatre over many years. He and his artistic team have programmed a terrific variety of plays which have entertained and challenged us in many ways but especially in leading the company into its new home.”

Tavistock Repertory Guarantors Limited (Tower Theatre) AGM 2019-20

The Tower Theatre AGM for the year 2019/2020 took place on Tuesday 12th January via Zoom. This was delayed from last autumn in the hope that if we waited we might have been able to hold the meeting in person in the theatre, government restrictions having been lifted. Unfortunately, this was not possible and in order to meet the statutory requirement to hold an AGM within 15 months of the last one the meeting was held on Zoom, with about 60 members attending.

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Covid Closure – Subscription Extension

All fully paid up Members’ and Friends’ subscriptions will be automatically extended by one year on 17th March. This free extension aims to compensate supporters for our closure due to Covid-19.

Due to Covid restrictions, we have been unable to provide our usual range of services to Members and Friends. Last year the Management Committee decided to extend subscriptions (Members and Friends) automatically after lock-down for those who continued to support us. At the time we did not know how long we would be closed and so how long the extension would be.

17th March 2021 will be the one year anniversary of our closing the building. All Members and Friends who are fully paid up members on that day will automatically have their expiry date moved one year later

We are grateful for all the support we have received and if anyone wishes to pay as usual after 17th March, we will gratefully receive the subscription as a donation.

Tower Digital Photo Archive Established

The Tower has a vast archive of photos for its shows – largely prints for the earlier years and digital CDs for more recent shows.  David Sprecher and Laurence Tuerk have now established a digital archive of much of this material.  It contains all the photos taken in recent years on digital cameras and at least a couple of scanned prints from each show for earlier years.  It would be a monumental task to scan all the prints in the archive, so the decision was taken normally to select the two best shots from each show; the others will all be retained in  print form.  The digital archive now consists of 50,000 photos which David has catalogued and which are all stored on Google Drive (with appropriate back-ups!).

You can see many of the pictures on the archive web pages for our past shows, but you’ll also notice that there are some gaps where we don’t have any pictures, mainly in the early years.  Click here for a list of the shows for which we are missing photography.  The list also includes some more recent Tower shows (particularly tours) where we don’t have much of a record.  So if you can fill any gaps or have any additional interesting pictures of your own that you’d like to contribute, we’d be delighted to add them in – let us know by email in the first instance to [email protected].  (We are mainly looking for photographs of stage action, but if you have interesting social photos, then we’d be pleased to see those too).

Tower Email Spam – Sorry

We are sorry that some Members and Friends have been receiving unnecessary emails telling them their subscriptions have expired.

This is due to a problem with our web site, which we are trying to resolve. Rest assured your subscription will not lapse. We apologise for any inconvenience or worry we have caused.

Grant application successful

We’re delighted to announce that we have secured a grant towards the costs of re-opening the building …

A grant application to the Theatre Reopening Fund, administered by the Theatres Trust, has been successful. This means that we can go ahead and install the kit needed to make our theatre as safe as we can make it against Covid. The items include, amongst other things, perspex screens for the bar and dressing room and a fogging machine.

Thanks especially to Rosanna Preston and Jude Chalk for putting the bid together.

We can now look forward to getting the theatre open (in a Covid secure way) in January.

Watch this space!

David Taylor (Chairman of the Management Committee)

Here we are!

A prominent banner is now gracing the outside of the Tower Theatre’s building. No excuse now for being unable to find us!

Great Gatsby now to be performed this year

The Great Gatsby

Production at the Minack Theatre postponed.

We were sorry not to be able to visit the Minack Theatre in 2020 with The Great Gatsby. However, we’re pleased to announce that we plan to present the show this summer (performance dates August 30th to September 3rd, 2021).