How we run the Company

These are the committees and groups involved in managing the work of the Tower Theatre Company


Tavistock Repertory Guarantors Limited is the legal entity which runs the Tower Theatre Company. It is a Limited Company and a Registered Charity.  The Board is responsible for long-term strategy, legal compliance, the management of the theatre’s premises and staff, and the overall finances of the organisation.

The Company Board comprises :
Martin Mulgrew (Chairman)
Nick Insley (Financial Director)
Nicola Stanhope (Company Secretary)
Stephen Brasher
Laurence Tuerk
Landé Belo
Richard Pedersen
Stephen Ley
Joanna Nevin
Angharad Ormond (co-opted)
Jude Chalk (co-opted)


The Management Committee is responsible for the day to day activities of producing and promoting theatre productions and providing services to our Friends and Members

Elected Members :
Jacqui Dickson (Chairman)
John Chapman
Ian Hoare
Mathew Ibbotson
Tyan Jones
Patrice North

Ex Officio : Nick Insley (Financial Director); Angharad Ormond, Ruth Sullivan, Simona Hughes (Artistic Direction Team)
Co-opted : Laura Corkill, Jack Pattison

The role of the elected members of the Management Committee is to represent the membership. The only Company officers who are entitled to sit on the Committee are the Artistic Direction Team and the Financial Director. The Committee meets once a month and it can discuss anything from artistic policy to the state of the loos! Anyone is free to put an item on the agenda, but the “bread and butter” of its business is maintaining an overview of all the various aspects of the Company’s activities.


Artistic Directors  : Simona Hughes, Angharad Ormond, Ruth Sullivan


Helena Cashmore
Colin Guthrie
Simona Hughes
Angharad Ormond
Hershal Pant
Jasmine Rachelle
Ruth Sullivan
Joe Lewis
Sangita Modgil
Tyan Archer
Chitranshu Mahajan


Jacqui Dickson
Anna Fiorentini
Ian Hoare
Simona Hughes
Jasmine Rachelle
Ruth Sullivan


Roanne Insley (Printed publicity and Press Releases)
Laurence Tuerk (Web site)
Ruth Sullivan (Social media)
Roxanne Cavanagh (“Noises Off“)
David Sprecher (Photography manager)
Joyce Terry (Press liaison)
Max Batty (Graphic design)
Jean Carr (Paris tour marketing)
John Chapman (Reviews)

The Marketing and Publicity Team promotes all the Tower’s activities. It co-ordinates and manages the Tower’s presence on the web site and all the main Social Media sites (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google My Business and YouTube). It also produces and distributes the Company’s publicity material and handles its Press Relations.


David Taylor
Nick Insley
Stephen Ley

The Building Team meets weekly to look after the Tower’s premises in Stoke Newington and in Leytonstone. It organises cleaning, repairs and maintenance and is the point of contact for Hackney Council and other statutory bodies. It oversees any building work, drawing up specifications and managing contractors.


Jude Chalk (Design)
Phillip Ley (Sound)
Jean Carr (Props)
Laura Corkell (Stage Management)
Sheila Burbidge (Wardrobe)
Nick Insley (Facilities)
Stephen Ley (Lighting)
Laurence Tuerk (Equipment)

The objective of the team is to oversee and allocate resources for all aspects of the Company’s Technical and Backstage Management. It provides technical support to the Artistic Team; co-ordinates the crewing (the recruitment of production teams) for productions; ensures that the Tower conforms to safety standards; provides additional support for technical and backstage crews; and encourages new members to become involved in backstage work, developing their skills and experience. The Team meets about once every 6 weeks to co-ordinate our plans, discuss forthcoming productions and cry on each other’s shoulders.