We are always on the lookout for new directors to join the company, whether experienced, emerging or aspirational. You must first be a friend or member of the company to direct any of our shows. The Tower requires all prospective directors to have some experience working with the company, even if you have previous directing experience elsewhere, before taking on your own production. We have developed the Assistant Director Scheme to support all new Tower directors.

Current Tower Directors
If you have directed for Tower before you can pitch a show using our Directors Pitch submission form here. Directors are invited to submit pitches for any show at any time.
The Assistant Director Scheme

The Assistant Director Scheme is for those new to directing (or new to the company) to help us get to know you and your directorial style, while ensuring that you have sufficient experience and familiarity with the company and how we work.


All new directors will be allocated a mentor; in most cases this will be one of our Artistic Directors, but we may also match you with another experienced Tower director. Your mentor will meet with you to consider what experience you already have and what support would be most beneficial. The stages you will need to go through before directing in the main house will vary depending on your experience but are likely to include :

  • Support a production in a technical, backstage or acting role;
  • Serve as an Assistant Director on a Tower production;
  • Attend Tower Workshops;
  • Direct a studio production or rehearsed reading.

To express an interest in this scheme please complete and submit the form below.