The Tower welcomes Friends and Members who have an interest in directing forthcoming shows. As the final responsibility for the success of each production rests on the Director’s shoulders, the Tower requires that all prospective directors should have some experience working with the Tower before taking on their own. Even if you have previous experience directing outside the Tower you will need to familiarise yourself with the workings of the Company, so we operate an Assistant Director scheme for all aspiring Tower Directors. So if you are interested in Directing please follow the detailed guidance here.

The Assistant Director Scheme

The Tower’s Assistant Director Scheme is for those new to directing (or new to the Theatre) to help us get to know each other. The process is designed to get to know you and your directorial style, while ensuring that you have sufficient experience and familiarity with the Tower and its process to direct successfully with the theatre.

There are five stages in the scheme which are to :

  • Support a production in a technical or backstage role;
  • Serve as an Assistant Director on a Tower production;
  • Attend periodic Directing Workshops;
  • Direct a studio production or a rehearsed reading; and
  • Debrief and interview with Artistic Team.

For more details, download the PDF summary and let us know you’re interested by submitting the form below: