Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Credit: www.interactioninstitute.org and www.madewithangus.com

Equity – creating a fair and level playing field

Diversity – identifying, embracing and celebrating all perspectives

Inclusion – for everyone to feel engaged and a sense of belonging

“Diversity is everyone invited to the party. Inclusion is everyone dancing”
– Verna Myers

The Tower Theatre’s EDI group was set up in Spring 2021 to identify and remove barriers to greater Equity, Diversity and Inclusion. Members of the group are:

Tom Bailey
Colin Guthrie
Simona Hughes
Joe Lewis
Ruth Sullivan
Rachel Bothamley (Management Committee representative)

Mission Statement

Our ambition is to be a Theatre that reflects our local community. A theatre that is for – and includes – all people, celebrating a multitude of different voices and experiences.

Policy Statement

The aim of the Tower Theatre Company is to achieve greater diversity across our membership, audiences and decision-making bodies. The Company sees diversity as an opportunity to enrich the work we do and the relationships we build. Our inclusive approach will create an environment where all members and visitors will feel welcomed, safe and be treated with respect and dignity. We aim to nourish creativity, remove barriers and highlight the voices of under-represented and historically oppressed groups.


A greater representation of stories by programming:

  • at least one production by a black playwright per season
  • at least one production that reflects experiences of under-represented communities as reflected by SOCIAL GRACES per season
  • a family show every October half term
  • an equal split of playwrights by sex across the year

Other aims include:

  • a greater representation of Hackney’s multi-linguistic and ethnically diverse population within the Tower membership including in decision-making roles
  • piloting Young Tower – a youth theatre initiative encouraging disadvantaged and underrepresented young people in the area
  • recruiting and supporting Black and Asian directors through our New Directors’ scheme
  • increasing accessibility for audience and company members
  • scheduling at least one Relaxed Environment performance per season
  • promoting an inclusive and anti-racist stance across all areas of the company

If you would like more detailed information about our action plan, and/or if you are interested in joining the group, please email [email protected].

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