Audition Notice : Love [and Survival] in a time of Covid

A mini-festival to reflect on how we’ve survived the past year and celebrate our re-emergence … Taking place over three weeks, in a mixture of outdoor and indoor venues, from 25th June – 18th July.

Auditions will take place on Saturday 22nd May at the Tower Theatre. Auditions are open to both members and non-members, and are free to attend. If cast, you will need to join the company (£60/year – payment options available); full details here. Information about the pieces and the roles available can be found below. Due to Covid restrictions audition spaces are limited and must be booked in advance. If you would like to audition, please complete the audition form via this link and we will allocate you an audition time. We will send audition scripts out to auditionees on Wednesday 19th May – they will need to be downloaded to a tablet or other device, or printed at home. No paper copies will be available at the auditions.

Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.


The Vaccine Programme is comprised of 6 collections of short plays and monologues, all by different writers, and performed at the Tower Theatre. All individual pieces will also be considered for Booster Jab, performed on Sunday 18th July at Arcola Outdoors. Booster Jab will showcase the best of the festival as chosen by the Tower Theatre Artistic Directors.

Tech/Dress Rehearsals : 21st – 24th June
Performances : Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th June

A Couple of Lock Downs by Jasmine Hutchings. Directed by Nathan Picart

Josh and Elin are a young couple facing distance and loneliness in two different types of a lockdown.

Duration: 10 minutes
– Josh – male early 20s
– Elin – female early 20s

I Like You Written and directed by Lily Vogel

Staged as a zoom call, a couple who had just embarked on rekindling an old romance as lockdown broke out, explore how they define their relationship when they’re being kept apart.

Duration: 10 minutes
– Female late 20s/early 30s
– Female late 20s/early 30s
– Male late 20s/early 30s

Tech/Dress Rehearsals : 5th – 7th July
Performances : Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th July

Penny From Heaven by Emma Jarvis. Directed by Adam Hampton-Matthews
NB: auditions for this piece will take place via Zoom on Sunday 23rd May. Please email the director for audition information.

The play is about adults trying to connect with new people/loneliness. Two characters, Penny and Gene meet at a Unitarian Church meeting and stumble into getting to know each other. Gene’s secret gambling addiction is an obstacle that Penny doesn’t know about. This piece explores how three disparate unhappy people find each other and try to navigate towards a kind of happiness together.

Duration: 25 minutes
– Female 40s/50s
– Male 40s/50s
– Male 40s/50s

A Sky Full of Stars by Matthew Partridge. Directed by Angelika Michitsch

An encounter at the science museum causes Jenny to reassess her attitude to chance and serendipity.

Duration: 10 minutes
– Male late 20s/early 30s
– Female 30

Tech/Dress Rehearsals : 12th – 14th July
Performances : Friday 16th and Sunday 18th July

Census Night by Lucy Beacon. Directed by Ciara Robley

Census Night is set in the crypt of St Paul’s Cathedral. A woman and her granddaughter are hoping to copy the Suffragette Emily Wilding Davison, who spent the night in a cupboard of the chapel at the Houses of Parliament on census night 1911. 

Duration: 20 minutes
– Female teens
– Female 60+

Tech/Dress Rehearsals : 5th – 7th July
Performances : Friday 9th and Sunday 11th July

Mind the Gap Written and directed by Simona Hughes

George is in his 70s/80s. He has been widowed some 1 or 2 years. He was happily married for a long time, and he misses his wife painfully. The pandemic has made him question a lot of things in terms of the value of his life. He doesn’t fear death at all, he feels his life has been long and full. The only real reason to keep living is his daughter Amy and his two grand-daughters by her. In this scene he has his first ever zoom conversation with his daughter Amy. He finds the technology baffling and alienating.

Duration: 10 minutes
– Male 70+

Tech/Dress Rehearsals: 28th – 30th June
Performances : Thursday 1st and Sunday 4th July

Balsa Wood and Memories by Vyvian Shaw. Directed by Lucy Moss

While crafting, Julie receives a phone call from her ex…

Duration: 10 minutes
– Female 40+
– Male 40+

Title TBC by Julia Collier. Directed by Matthew Ibbotson

This short comedy for four actors captures the theatrical side of the pandemic. 

Duration: 10 minutes
female 50+
   female 50+
   male 30+
   male 60+

Memories Fade Written and directed by Helen McGill

Clare and Kirsty. Used to be very close in their 20s. Now in their 30s, their lives have taken different paths. They’re meeting for the first time since lockdown, though they have stayed in contact via WhatsApp. Kirsty has two kids under 3 and has spent lockdown going slowly mad, looking after them. She sees her friendship with Clare as an opportunity for escapism and an opportunity for a big night.
Clare is a TV executive and loves her job. Her persona is outwardly self-effacing; she doesn’t usually talk about her problems, preferring to keep things light. Clare’s had a recent miscarriage. It’s hit her very hard. She hasn’t really spoken about it. This drink with Kirsty has been in the diary for a while so she’s come along.

Duration: 10 minutes
– Kirsty late 30s
– Clare late 30s 

Performances : Friday 2nd July and Saturday 17th July
What does it mean to be “black” in societies where people who are designated “black” are in the minority? I can’t breathe is a collection of poems, monologues and short plays written during the time of Covid-19, presenting different voices from around the world, examining what it means to be “black” in today’s world and questioning when black lives and black futures will finally matter.

Act Free by Idris Goodwin. Directed by Landé Belo

A hilarious debate between 3 young adults about freedom through the lens of being black.  Duration: 15 minutes
– 3 young adults, black, any gender

Conscientious Conversations by Tyan Jones. Directed by Lyla Smith-Abass

“can I touch your hair?” Navigating micro-aggressions in the workplace and the agony and ecstasy of black female experiences.  
Duration: 10 minutes
– Female early 30s (black)
– Female early 30s (white)

Jubilee Series
The Jubliee Series is a collection of short monologues written by year 6 students at Jubliee Primary School in Stoke Newington influenced by their experiences of the pandemic. We’re seeking experienced actors to take on these monologues which will be directed by the Tower Theatre Artistic Directors.

Tech/Dress Rehearsals : 5th – 7th July
Performances : Sunday 11th July at the Tower Theatre; Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th July at Arcola Outdoors

Air by Emily Carmichael. Directed by Ruth Sullivan

Tech/Dress Rehearsals: 12th – 14th July
Performances : Thursday 15th, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th July
Cameron “Cam” and Jaime Eyre are a brother and sister living together in Glasgow during the coronavirus pandemic, trying to make sense of their father’s death before the world went into lockdown. Musician Cam has shut himself away and pours his sense of loss into experimental recordings; publishing officer Jaime is working hard, cooking, exercising and doing everything she can to stifle her pain. Jaime’s on/off girlfriend Alice could be the light she needs. But her distance from Cam continues to trouble her as they live together in loneliness.
N.B. : the actors playing Cam and Jaime will be required to sing and it would be great if Cam can play the guitar.

Duration: 1 hour
– Cam (m) 20s-30s
– Jaime (f) 20s-30s
– Alice (f) 20s-30s