Artistic Update

Tickets for all shows in our Autumn Season are now on sale!

We’re thrilled with the audience reaction to The Merchant of Venice, which has received 2 FOUR STAR reviews including some lovely comments about the theatre : “Now, a word on the Tower Theatre. I cannot thank you enough for this production … A socially distanced auditorium, a lovely warm welcome in the foyer, a small but perfectly arranged theatre and a fantastic troupe of actors. This was exactly what I had been hoping for, longing for even, after such a dreadful passage of restrictions. Stoke Newington is a place of dramatic wonder.” We couldn’t put it better ourselves!

Looking ahead we have the darkly comic Three Birds by Janice Okoh opening on 6th October, which is also the first planned event celebrating Black History Month, which takes place during the month of October. More information on further events will follow soon. The next full production in the theatre after that is Kensuke’s Kingdom, a delightful family show based on Michael Morpurgo’s popular story, taking place during half term and including extra weekend matinées. With puppets! There’s also a relaxed performance at 11am on Sunday 31st October, which is perfect for anyone who benefits from being able to make a noise, leave and return to their seat or access the toilets during the performance. More information on the website. And if any of our Members and Friends are teachers, please get in touch so we can share our Kensuke plans with you and your school.

And we will be announcing the Spring and Summer seasons at the AGM on 1st October so make a note in your diary to come along and find out what’s next!

For our new promotional film showing the theatre in action, we’d like to film a general bar scene featuring Tower members and friends enjoying themselves at the bar. Something we’re all well-rehearsed in… This will take place on Friday October 1st, directly following the AGM; itwill only take a few minutes and of course you can opt out if you’d rather not be seen on camera.

Tell us what you thought!

We want to hear from everyone who participated in, contributed to or attended the Love [and Survival] in a Time of Covid festival to tell us what you thought. All feedback is valuable and helps us develop and improve our  initiatives in the further. Please fill in our feedback form here.

Rehearsal Artist

We’re all accustomed to having a photographer in the rehearsal room but what about an artist? Local artist Judith Symons will be capturing our autumn season rehearsals in digital paint. Here’s her expressive interpretation of Kensukes Kingdom in rehearsal.


We’re planning an ongoing series of workshops and would like to know your ideas of what to offer. Or perhaps you can facilitate a workshop yourself? If you have any ideas, do get in touch.

It’s a Win

We’re absolutely thrilled for Emily Carmichael who recently won a British Theatre Challenge award for her script Each Fallen Robin which had its first outing on Virtual Tower last summer, directed by Ruth Sullivan. Sky Blue Theatre Company announced the win with the following words : “OUR FIRST WINNER, residing in London, England – Emily Carmichael with her gentle and sweet play Each Fallen Robin. Congratulations Emily!”. Hear hear!

Minack and Paris 2022

We are very excited to announce that our Summer 2022 show, touring to the Minack Theatre in Cornwall, will be Coram Boy by Helen Edmondson, directed by Simona Hughes.

A tale of love, friendship and betrayal, Helen Edmondson’s dramatisation of Jamila Gavin’s Whitbread Award-winning novel is an epic piece of story-telling set in 18th century England. Abandoned children, cruel fathers, passionate first love, human trafficking, child choirs and musical genius all feature…. and the composer Handel makes a guest appearance too! Think Charles Dickens crossed with Philip Pullman crossed with Amadeus!

The original 2005 National Theatre production was nominated for multiple awards including 4 Olivier awards, including one for Paul Ritter’s stand-out performance as the sinister Otis Gardener, the “Coram Man”.

Dates and details to follow soon!

We were hoping to announce our Paris Shakespeare show here as well but as there’s been a recent change of management at the theatre we’re holding off until we can confirm our plans. Suffice it to say we have a play! And a director!

Here’s a hint from our lovely new director Emma Miles : “Plans are afoot for our annual Paris tour – think music, food, love and the sound of the sea lapping against the shores of beautiful foreign lands – while we wait to confirm arrangements with the Jardin Shakespeare. More on this very soon!”

Call Out for Directors

With our Autumn Season under way we are seeking pitches from directors for remaining slots in Spring/Summer 2022 and beyond. Directors are invited to submit pitches for any show at any time. To help with the process, we have designed a new Directors Pitch submission form

We also have secured the rights for a number of plays hand-picked by the AD team for which we are seeking directors. If you would like to consider any these plays, or discuss an idea before submitting, please get in touch.