I can’t breathe : Being Black in a Time of Covid

A celebration of black voices

Calling on black creatives in Hackney and beyond.  We need YOU!

“The function, the very serious function of racism is distraction.  It keeps you from doing your work.  It keeps you explaining, over and over again, your reason for being…”

Toni Morrison

Being black in today’s Britain may well feel like the “best and worst of times” as we’re finally starting to have a national dialogue about structural racism and its corrosive impact.  The disproportionality in the Covid-19 death rate across black communities has shone a spotlight on the inequities that have always existed; coupled with the murder of George Floyd in the US, now more than ever, we are examining what it means to be black, especially in modern Britain.

Bringing to you “I can’t breathe”…. As part of Tower’s Love[and Survival] in a Time of Covid festival, we will be presenting an evening dedicated to the black experience in a time of Covid. 

We invite you to write a ‘theatrical piece’ for “I can’t breathe” – this can be a poem, a letter, a monologue, duologue or short play which will be directed and performed by Tower members at the festival, which will take place across three local venues from 25th June – 18th July. 

Your theatrical piece must be no more than five pages long and featuring no more than two performers. 

Perhaps choregraphing a dance, composing a song or building a sculpture is more your thing?  Never fear, as we welcome all forms of artistic expression as part of the festival, and we would urge you to get in touch anyway with your proposals. 

Deadline for submissions is 7th May.

Please contact Landé Belo for more information.

conceived online – created in isolation – performed live

“Theatre is a sort of moral conscience of a society, an arena where a society can examine itself.  If some voices are missing, I don’t think that it’s honestly fulfilling that role and is, in fact, practising a subtle form of censorship.”  

Winsome Pinnock