Introducing our New Monthly Programme of Events

Three new initiatives from the Artistic Team

While we’re still unable to meet in real life, we can still (thankfully) pursue our theatrical interests online. So without further ado, here are the details for our three new initiatives …

Play Talk

Play Talk

The second meeting of the Tower’s new monthly play reading group Play Talk will be held on Zoom on Thursday 15th April at 7.30 and we will be discussing By the Way, Meet Vera Stark by Lynn Nottage.

The group is coordinated by Ian Hoare and Ciara Robley and will be run a bit like a book club, with members reading a pre-selected play script and coming together to exchange their thoughts about it. One aim of the group is simply to provide an entertaining and stimulating forum, but we’re also hoping to support and feed into the artistic direction of the Tower by, for example, putting forward recommendations for programming.

We’d like to include in our discussions a pretty wide range of work, with a particular emphasis on the following:

  • Exploring contemporary work
  • Rediscovering classics
  • Catching up on plays we’ve missed
  • Uncovering hidden gems
  • Seeking out plays that help promote cultural diversity in our programming
  • Familiarising ourselves with the work of local authors

We want to stress that we plan to approach the plays primarily as theatre rather than literature. We are especially keen that the group should include technicians, designers, stage managers, the marketing team and all the other creative people needed to bring plays to an audience, in addition to actors, directors and writers.

The group is open to all Members and Friends so just let Ian and Ciara know if you’d like to take part, and they’ll send you the Zoom link. Please also get in touch with them if you have any questions about the group or proposals for its development.
You can contact them via email : [email protected]

One thing to note is that we will work out the best way to choose further plays when we meet and for this first session, participants will need to find their own copy of the play. We’re also exploring other ways of providing scripts – so if anyone has access to large numbers of scripts we’d love to hear from you!

Play Away

We’ve all got used to watching plays online at home but do you miss the chance to chat about the play afterwards? Why did the Director decide to set Macbeth in a prison…how did they achieve that lighting effect … was that performance daring and outrageous – or just misguided … ?!

One of the things we love about theatre is the communal audience experience. Now you can recreate that with our Play Away Saturday matinées. Every month we will watch a play online followed by a Zoom discussion. There’ll be a brief introduction to the play at the start and plenty of time for chat afterwards, hosted by one of our mystery guest facilitators who will get the discussion started. Then all you need to do is settle down with your refreshment of choice and join us for some delightful theatre chat! 

Play Away

Writers’ Room

Writer's Room

We are pleased to announce that Emily Carmichael and Janet South will be co-ordinating the new Tower Theatre Writers’ Room. This will be a monthly session where any Tower Member or Friend can explore and develop their interest in playwriting. The main aim is to support new writers (or experienced writers looking for fresh challenges) and will include sharing fun exercises, inspiring tasks and advice from professionals to help build confidence and advance skills.

The first introductory session will take place via Zoom on 11th April. If you’re interested, contact [email protected] for the link.

We hope there’s something for everyone! And with any luck we’ll soon be able to meet in person, at the Tower.

Looking Ahead

While we’re still not yet out of the woods and are unsure how secure the government’s roadmap dates are, we are making tentative plans for our Autumn Season and beyond, and soon we will be asking for directors to pitch their ideas. Look out for more information next time.

And once again, if you have any thoughts or ideas you’d like to discuss, do get in touch : [email protected]