Love [and Survival] in a Time of Covid

A mini-festival to reflect on how weve survived the past year and celebrate our re-emergence… Planned to take place over three weeks, in a mixture of outdoor and indoor venues, from 25th June – 18th July

Love and Survival

Project update : March 25th

As promised, here is an update and some suggestions for ways of joining in. This mini-festival will be a communal reflection on how we’ve survived the past year and celebrate our re-emergence.

We have some very exciting news … The Arcola theatre is supporting our festival by offering us performance slots in their exciting new venue “Arcola Outdoors”, a brand new outdoor theatre space where the Arcola tent used to sit….. So if you’ve always fancied performing at the Arcola, this might be your chance!

We would like to draw upon the multi-talented Tower community and provide artistic experiences of every kind: drama, music, movement, visual arts, audio art, performance art …. We have much to offer! Don’t worry at this stage about how things will be presented; if you’re writing a monologue we can work out who – or how – best to perform it at a later stage. It may even form part of an audio experience – there really are no limits to ways we can share.

So far we have had some great suggestions of music, dance, audio, monologues and visual arts….  but we would like much much more. Please don’t be shy in coming forward, we can work with any ideas at all. We would like all ideas by the 30th April and full submissions (e.g. scripts) by 31st May.

This has been a very weird and difficult year for everyone, yet out of crisis comes opportunity. We invite you all to use this festival as an opportunity to share something of your experience and that of the people around you. Let’s create. It’s time.

Here’s a reminder of some ideas to get the creative juices flowing :

The Power of Song – There are many frustrated singer-songwriters among us, here’s your chance to craft something to be shared. A verse, a bass line…

Small and Perfectly Formed – Can you write a short/5-minute play on the theme of surviving lockdown?

Frozen in Time – There has been some amazing London-in-lockdown photography going on this last year. Could you select your best and send it our way?

Space Crafting – Have you discovered a particular craft this last year that has helped to keep you sane? Knitting, baking, furniture making? Can you share it with us…..?

Verbatim – Is there someone whose voice and thoughts you would like to capture in interview? Perhaps someone who’s experience of this year has been quite different from yours. Maybe it’s a local shop keeper or an elderly neighbour or a nurse or a child…..

Make us Laugh – Now, more than ever, we need the healing joy of laughter. Can you help?

The Letters Project – Many people rediscovered the art of letter-writing during lockdown. Maybe there’s someone (alive, dead, real, unreal or maybe it’s you?) to whom you would like to write a letter… Perhaps it’s a note to your past self, thinking about the things you know now.  Or simply a reminder not to buy all that bread flour…

Recorded for Posterity – Ask your friends what their best memory of the past year is. You may be surprised by their responses. Write it or record it – the choice is yours. Or record a list of the best TV shows that have provided sanity!

And here are some of the roles we are looking to you to fill, please get in touch so that we can sign you up on our spreadsheet!

Stage Managers
Designers and set builders
Lighting and Sound designers and operators

With love [and survival],
Simona, Angharad and Ruth
The Tower Theatre’s Artistic Directors

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I suspect the buildings that survive and thrive will be those that genuinely share their resources and
space with artists and communities –
Lyn Gardner

Conceived online – created in isolation – performed live