I shan’t perish easily

Written by Ali Has and Directed by Nesimi Kaygusuz
Presented by Pan Productions

I shan't perish easily

Sunday 29th May at 6.30 

At the Tower Theatre, Stoke Newington

Please note : this show not suitable for under-12s. It contains very mild flashing/strobe Lights.
Running time is 2 hours and 30 minutes including an interval.

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Sunday May 29th at 6.30

AHMED ARİF – Cüneyt Yalaz
CEMAL SÜREYA – Göktay Tosun

Vedat Yıldırım
Cansun Küçüktürk


Ali Has

Nesimi Kaygusuz 

Zeynep Dalkıran


Eda Çatalcam

Eren Çelikdemir

Cem Tuncer

Gülistan Sarbas

Nimet İyigün

Produced by Pan Productions

two poets…
two lives…
one story…

On the one hand is Ahmed Arif; with only a single book published Ahmed Arif mastered our world of literature achieving a publication record of over 60 new volumes, and took his place amongst our most widely read poets.   

On the other hand is Cemal Sureya; expressing his struggles through the rebellious verses of his poetry; emphasizing that each poem has its own life and story. He coined around 300 new Turkish words,  officially approved by Turkish Language Association.

Vedat Yildirim and Cansun Küçüktürk, whom are amongst the founders of infamous ‘Kardeş Türküler’ and ‘Bajar’ music bands — are the composers of the music for the production and will perform it during the London premières. Stemming from the crossovers and parallels between the lives of these two friends, I Shan’t Perish Easily explores the extraordinary struggles, their love and life stories of Ahmet Arif and Cemal Sureya. The play will be returning in London for three nights only after its European tour.

“whereas you, are my completing half — the piece over the water that completes me…”

These two giants of poetry will meet on the stage for the first time. What should one expect from this unique encounter? All you knew and could have imagined will be reshaped after this meeting.

“…we are possibly living the last of the bad days,
Perhaps we may live our first good days
There is something pungent in the air
Somewhere between the past and the future
Between sorrow and joy
Between anger and mercy …”

“note my life as it is…or maybe, it will go recorded as rumour…”

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