Virtual Tower : Season 4 : Ten Minute Take Over

The next Virtual Tower evening will be on Tuesday June 1st at 7.30

Another in the series of Ten Minute Take Overs, co-ordinated by Andy Marchant.

Also including, hopefully, a never before attempted surprise element from Angelika Michitsch. Watch this space!

Watch via Zoom : curtain up is at 7.30 on Tuesday 4th May via this link.

And after that :
We’ve now produced 34 Virtual Tower evenings, and with a date for a return to live performances now set, Virtual Tower evenings will reduce to one per month.

We are currently planning the rest of Season 4 so we looking for your suggestions and participation! If you are interested in hosting or contributing to future Virtual Tower readings then please sign up get in touch. We’re especially keen to hear from those who would like to direct a session. For those wishing to take part, there is some detailed guidance about casting procedures here.

Here’s a record of all the Virtual Tower evenings we’ve presented so far :
Season 1 is available here.
Season 2 shows here
Season 3 here
and Season 4 here.