A Day in the Life of the Tower Theatre

A short film.

You’ve never been to the Tower Theatre in London, Stoke Newington? Or you have, but didn’t make it past the bar, the rest rooms or one of the performance spaces? No problem! This is your chance to get a peek behind the door and scenes … and into the infamous swimming pool!

Find out what we doand then come along and join us – to act, direct, design or as tech crew, to run or participate in courses or simply to watch a show.

For further information please contact us by email here on by phone on 020 7353 1700

Film Credits

Sangita Modgil  

Tyan Archer
Jude Chalk
Antonia Chamorro
Laura Corkill
Zach Gerard
Colin Guthrie
Simon Lee
John Morton
Lucy Moss
Rosanna Preston
Jasmine Rachelle
Dale Robertson
Lynda Twidale
Peter Westbury
Jonathan Wober
Meghan, the dog    

Special thanks to
Stephen Brasher
John Chapman
Jacqui Dickson
Matt Ibbotson
Kathleen Morrison
Roberto Párraga-Sánchez
Trinidad Prieto
Ruth Sullivan
Keith Syrett
Immediate Theatre, London

Concept, Production & Directed by
Angelika Michitsch  

Producer/Director of Photography/Editor
Mark Joyce  

Writers / Script
Ian Hoare
Simon Lee
Angelika Michitsch
Sangita Modgil
Lucy Moss  

Tamara Douglas-Morris
Colin Guthrie  
Lynda Twidale  

Nick Insley
Mark Joyce  

Colin Guthrie
Jacques Párraga-Michitsch
Lorcan Ray  

Annemarie Fearnley  

Flavia Corina Di Saverio
Florencia Riverti
Stephanie Thomson  

Choreography (Smith Studio)
Flavia Corina Di Saverio
Angelika Michitsch  

Stills Photography
Geraint Lewis (Immediate Theatre)
David Sprecher
Robert Piwko

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