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Message from Alfred Molina

We were delighted to receive this message from Alfred Molina, marking the Tower’s 90th birthday.

“Happy 90th Birthday to the Tower Theatre! I have always been proud of my connection with the Tower, where, as a 16 year old schoolboy I was roped into a production of Othello by the director, Martyn Corbett, who happened to be my English Literature teacher. It was the start of my life as an actor. A kid among a company of adults who never spoke down to me, and treated me as an equal who, in terms of talent and skill, I most certainly was not! I ended up acting in a few more productions, and worked backstage, even operated the lighting board.

It was a revelation to me; watching these amazing people making theatre in a supportive atmosphere, that was serious and so much fun, sharing their love and enthusiasm and bringing this lanky, awkward kid along with them. I will always be thankful for that unique experience that helped shape me and gave me a love for the craft that has never deserted me. Thank you, Tower Repertory, and Happy 90th Birthday.”

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