Covid Closure – Subscription Extension

All fully paid up Members’ and Friends’ subscriptions will be automatically extended by one year on 17th March. This free extension aims to compensate supporters for our closure due to Covid-19.

Due to Covid restrictions, we have been unable to provide our usual range of services to Members and Friends. Last year the Management Committee decided to extend subscriptions (Members and Friends) automatically after lock-down for those who continued to support us. At the time we did not know how long we would be closed and so how long the extension would be.

17th March 2021 will be the one year anniversary of our closing the building. All Members and Friends who are fully paid up members on that day will automatically have their expiry date moved one year later

We are grateful for all the support we have received and if anyone wishes to pay as usual after 17th March, we will gratefully receive the subscription as a donation.

Tower Email Spam – Sorry

We are sorry that some Members and Friends have been receiving unnecessary emails telling them their subscriptions have expired.

This is due to a problem with our web site, which we are trying to resolve. Rest assured your subscription will not lapse. We apologise for any inconvenience or worry we have caused.

Building Work Continues Apace

While the theatre is closed, we are pressing ahead with several building projects, which will be finished in the next few weeks.

  • The lift installation continues apace. We expect the actual lift to be working this week.  Then the work to complete the three lift lobbys can go ahead: plastering, decorating and completing the electrics.
  • The shiny new roof over the dressing room and back stage areas has been completed and the air conditioning units replaced. No longer will casts and stage managers wonder if bits of the ceiling are going to fall on their heads when it rains
  • We are widening the top flight of the main staircase up to the theatre.  This will increase the safe capacity of the theatre and make it faster for audiences to enter and leave the auditorium

Pictures (clockwise from top left)

  • Jamie, the lift engineer, taking an inaugural trip on the new lift platform
  • Looking up the lift shaft through the roof of the new lift car
  • Getting ready to cast the new concrete staircase
  • Air conditioning units being re-instated on the new roof

New Neighbours in Car Park

The car park at the rear of the Tower Theatre has now been sold and we have new neighbours – Artform, which carries out high quality medium sized developments, has purchased the site and has started construction. The development of 8 flats is planned to complete in the last quarter of next year.

Our pedestrian access to the rear of the building will remain open throughout.

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